The Bell Inn Brass Band


Long, long ago in a village in the shadow of the Clee Hills, of rural Shropshire, a group of self-taught men formed a Band which eventually became known as "The Cleobury Mortimer Silver Band".


This small group expanded, over the years, into a full and successful traditional Brass / Silver Band.


In time there were name changes but the Band, in essence, stayed the same.


Then in the Autumn of 1980 a group of wayward juniors broke away from the "Establishment" and, with the backing of a local company, formed "The Bray Construction Band".


This group of talented young players soon became " A force to be reckoned with" across the Midlands in a variety of competitions and festivals.

In 1987 a new sponsor stepped forward in the form of Roger Gittens, owner of "The Bell Inn" Cleobury Mortimer, who kindly provided the Band with a home for rehearsals, equipment storage and, perhaps more importantly, a friendly safe atmosphere in which to socialize.
This was the start of a new phase with the introduction of more mature players, producing a blend of youth and experience, which is reflected in the present "Bell Inn Brass Band" of Cleobury Mortimer.